June 08, 2015

Short Story Erotica Reviews

Short Story Erotica Reviews

Hey guys, due to my impromptu holiday that I took this last month, I've been reviewing in bundles. For this post, I will be reviewing all of the short story erotica reviews that I never reviewed this past month, leaving me uncomfortably aroused ;)

Orgasmic Anthology

This book, was probably the most interesting of the bunch, which is what I start with. It sprung from a delicious idea- a book that explores every type of orgasm! Not read as a theology paper, instead a series of short, sexual encounters, it was very interesting and filled this dirty mind with dirty ideas.  
Goodreads Link: Read about this book!

Roid Rage by Alice May Ball

This book, I read based on curiosity. Turns out, it was a complete sex-novel. Belle's boyfriend abandoned her, so she takes up a Biker's proposition to service them at their clubhouse in the middle of the desert, and then about what happens. It's not there wasn't any other choices! But, shocker!, she finds she enjoys her new job!  
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Owning his Bride by Sue Lyndon

Disclaimer: I know how this sounds, but Owning his Bride is actually a science-fiction novel. Our heroine is a prisoner on a planet for a crime she didn't commit and the warden of the prison beats her (lots)! When a warden or guard completes five years serving at the prison, they are rewarded with large sums of money, and they get to choose a female from the prison to be his wife. This wife would have no rights and the male could do whatever he chooses to this prisoner. Our heroine, Becca, is terrified that the Warden will choose her after his month is up, and he would, but our hero, Hunter, chooses her instead. This a romance, not a macho "I own you", but there is lots of spanking for disobedience, and a doctor's examination based mostly on sexual preferences to see if she was a good choice for our guard. This a hot, hot, hot short story romance, with not great writing.  
Goodreads Link: Read about this book!  

Huddle: Sex with Sporty Queers Anthology

This book was entirely guy-on-guy, and some of them were just strange, however there were one or two that were fairly enticing to read....  
Goodreads Link: Read about this book! 

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