June 05, 2015

Apology and Quick-Fire reviews

Sorry Guys!

As of late, like the whole month of May and some of April, I haven't been posting :(. But, I'll have you know that I do have a perfectly good excuse... familial issues.
This summer, that will not happen. It is my goal to post at least once a day... and you will hold me to that, right guys?
Thanks and kisses,

Quick Fire Reviews

Here are some of the "Highlights" of May that I read! As it's bee too long, I don't want to chance a full review for each of these and totally botch them! You understand. ;)

Accidental Assassin (The Assassins #1) by Nichole Chase 

Accidental Assassin was an absolutely phenomenal read! I loved how Chase didn't focus too much on the "Mystery and Crime", totally eclipsing the romance and "changing" part of the story.
Ava and Owen really were very sweet together, and I loved that though the author didn't shine light on the fact that Owen was changing, gaining emotions and becoming (literally) Killer Boyfriend material, she showcased it beautifully. Also Ava's acceptance of all things Owen was fun to read, and the non-hysterics that Ava portrayed were just a blessing from heaven. The only worse than crying with your characters, is crying at your characters because all they're doing is "woe-is-me-ing" and having just a generally sob-orgy the whole book. 4.5 stars!
Goodreads link: Read about the book here!

On the Fence by Kasie West

On the Fence was a fun, flirty and thought-provoking YA read, that I thoroughly enjoyed. I've read A Distance Between Us by Kasie West, as well, it's just one of those book that you just love and go back to and read again and again and again, laughing and crying the whole book!
On the Fence was a book about the main character, Charlie, finding out who she was. It was a literal Growing Pains book. Raised by a single dad and three older brothers, Charlie is the total tomboy, refusing to accept anything but a win, and often times that's what she gets. But, there's also that honorary fourth brother from next door, Braden, that doesn't seem such brotherly material anymore. Also, there's this secret about her mother's death that no one seems to want to tell her! On top of that, Charlie is lying to her family about her "side life". In order to pay off a speeding ticket, Charlie is forced to work in a very girl boutique- Clothes! In order to work there, Charlie can't wear cut offs and a jersey, and is thrust in a world of glitter and giggles! Join Charlie on her journey to find out who she wants to be, who she is and who she already is. 4 stars!
Amazon Link: Buy the book here!
Interested in A Distance Between Us?
Goodreads Link: Read about the book here!

Garrison's Creed (Titan #2) by Cristin Harbor

 Okay, Garrison's Creed was really awesome. I have to say, I think the overall plot of the story was more exciting to me than the actually book itself, but I'm getting giddy just thinking about it.
Nicola and Cash were the classic girl/boy-next-door, brothers-best-friend, friends-to-lovers-to-love trope. But when Nicola got into something deep involving the Mob, she had to go into Witness Protection, staging her death and leaving everything (and everyone) she knew. Cash ended up going into the Military and getting involved in an elite military group that's only a legend beyond those who know of its existence... the Titan Group. Now, Cash is a sniper for Titan, and Nicola an Field Agent in the CIA, Cash ends up killing Nicola's mark. Cash finds out she's alive... and thus begins the CIA/Titan partnership to root out a mole hidden within International Terrorists and Homegrown Mobsters. But now that Cash has Nicola back after he buried her years... he's not letting her go. The two of them together was super sweet, and I highly recommend it! 4 stars!
Goodreads Link: Read about the book here!

Winter's Heat (Titan #1) by Cristin Harbor

 Ok, so I'm weird. I read book two Garrison's Creed before book one, Winter's Heat. Whoops. By the way, Winter's Heat is currently free on Amazon!! Back to the story... Winter's Heat was actually really good, also. More of a solo mission than Garrison's Creed is, but it was still very enjoyable!
Colby Winters is on his way to an easy In and Out mission... turned explosive when he rescues kidnapped Mia Kensington. Fighting the attraction to the sassy shrink, as well as trying to keep her alive is proving a greater challenge than Colby anticipated. With torture, babies, three little words meant for a little girl, bombs and numerous gunfights, Winter's Heat incorporates more action than Garrison's Creed, while still maintaining the sweet and sultry, slow-burn romance that's sure to captivate! Highly recommended! 4 stars!
Goodreads Link: Read about it here!
Amazon Link: Buy it here for FREE! 
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