June 18, 2015

Blue Moon Personal Challenge

Blue Moon Challenge (Personal)

See my personal Blue Moon Challenge below!!
Start: 6/2/2015

Read a book with a full moon on the cover.
Title:                                            Author:

Read a book with a predominantly blue cover.
Title: Three Wishes                     Author: Kristen Ashley

Read the second book in a series.
Title: Wild Man                           Author: Kristen Ashley

Read a book that was published in August
Title: Golden Dynasty               Author: Kristen Ashley

Read a book with “moon” in the title or is by an author with the name of “Moon”.
Title:                                             Author:

Read a book with “blue” in the title or has a character/animal named “Blue”
Title:                                             Author

Read a book with a telescope or spyglass on the cover
Title:                                              Author:

Read a book that takes place on a planet that has more than one moon.
Title:                                               Author:

Read a two in one book.
Title:                                               Author:

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