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Everyone has those bouts where they find themselves with nothing to read... and lacking a functioning library (me). Fortunately, I'm here to help you with those pesky little problems. One way to help is through my lover, Goodreads. I am a very loyal Goodreads fan, and use it all the time. Actually, I use all of the following sites, or I wouldn't recommend them. They are essential to my obsessive hobby: reading.


Goodreads literally has every single book on file. You can read descriptions, have books recommended to you by a specific book (or other books), keep track of the books you wish to read using shelves, discuss books with other people and swap books with other, connect with authors and get ARC's and participate in book challenges. I'm on Goodreads pretty much every day and I have a shit ton of books on my TBR (to be read) shelf, too much. And I keep finding more! Exquisite torture, I suppose.


Using this site, you can connect with publishers. You sign up to receive ARC's, or Advanced Reader Copies in exchange for an honest review on the site. Basically, you get a book before it's released to the public for your opinion. I've used NetGalley for quite awhile now, and though its a frustrating realization to come by, not every book you look forward to reading is on there. But they have plenty of great books still to read (for free- I can't stress this enough) and expand your reader horizons without breaking the bank. It's very easy to use and no address is needed. They can send it to your email, your eReader, or you can just download it directly (from your phone) to the Bluefire app and read it there.


This is an app that is very simple, and a life-saver. Sometimes, I get a little rebellious and find books online and read them, rather than having to break the bank. Once I find them online, I send them to myself as a PDF, and read them on the Bluefire App, and not uncomfortably, either. I highly recommend downloading this Bluefire app to your phone- it's made life so much better for me!


I found by accident. As mentioned above, I involve myself in the (illegal) trade of reading online. I'm sure you've typed the words "(book title) by (author) online free" in your search engine a few times. You'll find reading like that is not fun. So I found this site. All you do is you go on the site and search for your book, If it's there, click on the titles until you find one that says "read online" in the little box under the description. Then the book will pull up. Right click, hit "select all", and copy and paste into a word document. Delete all the extra stuff and change to a PDF. Email it to yourself and pull it up in Bluefire. Due to the fact I have no social life, that's what I call a wham-bam-thank-you, ma'am.


This is a site and an app that allow you to read all your library books on your phone. You know when you try to request a book on your library's site, there are all kind of editions? There's paperback, audiobooks and eBooks. This is where the eBooks are stored. You do have to read it on your phone, but you can get it right away. You can also listen to your audiobooks from here! If you sign up for a ton of libraries, you can use them without actually driving to them! Think about that... possibly dozens of libraries at your fingertips! Next time you go on a road trip, get library cards at all the libraries you pass- and this way you never have to see the building again!


Obviously, you already have this website written down, but what you don't know is it's also an app! Keep up with your favorite Confessions on your smartphone, but be warned. My layout doesn't look near as aces as it does on the computer ;)


I've heard that the website is really awesome... and since when I pulled it up for the first time today I found a book with a picture of a (really, really) attractive shirtless someone.
Another site I've heard about is Please note: for this, you will need to provide your address, and you decide whether there are fees or not. You merely request a book, someone sends it to you and you decide whether to send it to someone else (you do pay those shipping fees, though) or to keep it. It's free to join, and sounds like fun!

I hope I've been of some help, and if you need any help navigating these sites, message me and I'll help you out! Also, if you have anything else to add, message it to me and I'll check it out, verify it and add it to this post. Enjoy your new virtual toys!


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