June 18, 2015

The School Year Personal Challenge

The School Year Challenge (Personal)

Below will be my personal School Year Challenge!

Kat's Challenge

Start: 6/2/2015
         Summer break: This is the time of year many students look forward to the most. Older students can spend months planning vacations, studying abroad or searching for the right summer job.
Read a book that involves a life changing trip or vacation
Book: Golden Dynasty                   Author: Kristen Ashley
         Good teacher: “Good” is entirely subjective so think about your favorite teacher, trainer, or educator who really made an impact on your life.
Read a book that explores the subject that person taught
Book:                                                  Author:
         Bad teacher: “Bad” is equally subjective but is sometimes more easily discernible. Think about your least favorite teacher or an educator who didn’t seem to care.
Read a book involving the topic he/she taught or where the characters do something that is generally unacceptable.
Book: Three Wishes                                     Author: Kristen Ashley
         The Classics: There are hundreds of books that consistently make summer reading lists. Often, reading these allows us to avoid judgment from other readers later in life – “How have you never read that?” they tend to say.
Read a book that you feel like you "should" have read by now
Book: Fall with Me                           Author: J Lynn
         Seniors: The last year of high school or university is the time when students prepare for the next step in their lives.
Read a book involving a transition (high school to college, human to non-human etc)
Book: Law Man                                Author: Kristen Ashley
         Juniors: Juniors are looking forward to their last year, sending applications (college, job or other) and hoping that they know themselves well enough to make the right choice.
Read a book where a character struggles with his/her identity or is trying to figure out who they are
Book: Taming Lily                             Author: Monica Murphy
         Sophomores: Sophomore comes from two Greek words meaning “wise” and “foolish.”
Read a book on a subject or a character who is wise, foolish or both
Book: Wild Man                                Author: Kristen Ashley
         Freshman: Stories of this first year in a new school can be both painful and entertaining.
Read a book where the character(s) are outsiders or experiencing something entirely new to them
Book: Alpha                                      Author: Jasinda Wilder
         Foreign Exchange: Exchange students represent the connection between a familiar world and a country that is just another chapter in a geography book.
Read a book set in a foreign country
Book: Accidental Assassin                        Author: Nichole Chase
         Varsity: This is the paramount achievement for any athlete; yet even after reaching the Varsity team, athletes must work to maintain to their status.
Read a book involving a power struggle
Book: Motorcycle Man                  Author: Motorcycle Man
         Junior Varsity: For athletes in the making, getting a spot on the JV team gives them the opportunity to learn new skills in order to reach Varsity.
Read a book by an author that is new to you
Book:                                                  Author:

        New School Year: As the summer comes to a close and the new year starts, students are barraged with tests to assess what they’ve retained over the long vacation.
Read a book involving memory or memory loss
Book:                                                  Author:

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