June 18, 2015

One Enchanted Evening Personal Challenge

One Enchanted Evening

Scroll down to see my personal One Enchanted Evening Challenge!
Start: 6/2/2015
Finish: 6/17/2015
1) So to begin this challenge the first item on the agenda is to decide where you will go and yes you can go to more than one place. Will it be to the past, present, future, or into your favorite book series? Read one or more books somehow related to your destination(s).
o   Place: England
o   Book: Accidental Assassin

2) Next, pick an appropriate outfit(s) and/or costume(s) for the night. You may read one or more books for each outfit or costume you wish to wear.
o   Outfit:  Sarong
o   Book: Golden Dynasty

3) Thirdly, decide who will go with you? You may choose one or more people to join you on your enchanted evening or go solo. You can select friends or your favorite book characters. It's up to you to decide. You may read one or more books for each person travelling with you.
o   Person: Mitch Lawson
o   Book: Law Man
o   Person: Tess O’Hara
o   Book: Wild Man

4) The fourth item on the agenda is to pick what you will do? Will you watch a historic event, go to a dance club, just pop in somewhere for a quick drink, go bowling or something entirely different? You may read one or more books for each thing you wish to do.
o   Activity: Go to the Beach
o   Book: Taming Lily
o   Activity: Motorcycle Riding
o   Book: Motorcycle Man

5) Once at your decided destination you will probably need transportation. You may read one or more books for each form of transportation you wish to use.
o   Transportation: Mercedes
o   Book: Three Wishes

6) Because this will be such a long night, you may need some substance to sustain you. Choose one or more food and/or drink items you wish to indulge in during your enchanted evening. You may read one or more books for each food item/drink you wish to consume.
o   Food: Wings
o   Drink: Beer
o   Book: Fall with Me
o   Food: Imperial
o   Drink: 7 Up
o   Book: Fire Inside

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