June 05, 2015

Challenge Instructions

Just a spice of Thrill ...

Everyone loves a little thrill, especially in roller coasters. But what about... in books? I know what you're thinking. Thrill in books? Like, adding more crime and adventures to my list? No, that's not what I meant. I mean like Challenges. They can come in any form, to anything from "read a book with a cover that's blue",  "read a book about spies" to "read a book where the title starts with an 'r'". Come of them are easy... and some of them are freaking challenging. This page is filled with just challenges.

If you wish to play with yourself, do so. You can play with me (just message me, I will always accept), or you can play against other viewers on the blog.

Individual Challenge Instructions can be found on their pages

This months challenge is Disney Prince Hopefuls.

Other challenges:
April 2015's Challenge of the Month: The Fandom Board Game Challenge
May 2015's Challenge of the Month: May's Idioms
June 2015's Challenge of the Month: Disney Prince Hopefuls

I hope you enjoy and may the odds be ever in your favor!


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