June 18, 2015

Explorations in Love Personal Challenge

Exploration in Love Challenge (Personal)

Below is my Explorations in Love personal Challenge!

Kat's Challenge

Start: 6/2/2015
Philia: Translated from the ancient Greek as brotherly love.
Read a book that features some sort of ‘bromance’ or two strong male characters.
Book: Motorcycle Man                  Author: Kristen Ashley

Love triangle: There are some pretty famous ones. In honor of Aphrodite, Hephaistos, and Ares, read a book about ancient myths or fables OR a mythic fantasy novel.
Book:                                                  Author:

Pygmalionism: From the Greek myth of Pygmalion. Read a book that features an artist, a great work of art or architecture, or an inanimate object having some sort of consciousness.
Book:                                                  Author:

Autassassinophilia: Another way to say you love death, destruction, or mayhem.
Read a mystery, horror, or thriller.
Book:                                                  Author:

Chronophilia: When you only date people of a certain age group, derived from the God Chronos (father time). Read a book where the main characters are vastly different age ranges OR read a book that spans a large amount of time.
Book: Three Wishes                         Author: Kristen Ashley

Biophilia: A love of nature. Coined by the great E. O. Wilson. Read a book whose setting takes place in nature or wild and untamed lands OR read a book about ecology. Bonus if you read a book by Edward O. Wilson!
Book: Golden Dynasty                   Author: Kristen Ashley

Star-crossed lovers: In honor of the original star-crossed lovers, read a book that takes place in Renaissance Italy, Elizabethan England, or was book to movie that had Claire Danes or Leonardo DiCaprio in them. (There are a lot, seriously. Check out IMDb if you don’t believe me.)
Book:                                                  Author:

Mechanophilia: Who doesn't love cool machines? Read a Steampunk/Cyberpunk book OR read a book that machines (like a spaceship) play a big role.
Book:                                                  Author:

Plushophilia: A love of stuffed animals. They even call themselves plushies. Read a book about a sub-culture OR read a book involving anthropomorphism (which is the attribution of human characteristics or behavior to a god, animal, or object).
Book: Fire Inside                              Author: Kristen Ashley

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