June 25, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge: Kat's Summer Goals

2015 Reading Challenge: Kat's Summer Goals

Last summer, I started customizing my own summer challenges, more genre specific so that I could complete challenges as well as reading goals.

So, it looks pretty bad from this view... but its 13/70 books. Not a good start at all.
Start: 6/2/2015

Read 12 books you've been putting off...
Read 6 paranormal books
  • Golden Dynasty
Read 5 High School books
Read 5 Adult Romance books
  • Accidental Assassin
  • Alpha
Read 4 Mysteries
Read 1 Thriller
Read 3 books that are over 500 pages
  • Law Man
  • Wild Man
  • Motorcycle Man
Read 2 books you started but never finished
Read 4 books in a series you've never finished
  • Fire Inside
  • Breathe
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Jagged
Read 4 books from another country
  • Three Wishes
Read 1 Historical Fiction
Read 6 Science Fiction books
Read 4 Adventure books
Read four books with a number in the title
Read 5 NA's
  • Fall with Me
Read 3 ARC's
  • Taming Lily
70 books in all!

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