Review Policy

Review Policy

Six stars: My god, this is definitely in the Top Fifteen/ Top Twenty of any books I've read...
and it broke my heart. Took my breath away. It's the perfect book for me, and I'm going to buy a million copies and pass them out for free so everyone else can have this absolute perfection in their lives.
Five stars: This is the best. Top 100, easy. It was magical, unforgettable, magnificent and everything a book should be, and everyone needs to read it.
4.5 stars: This book was almost perfection... but it wasn't as good as others I've read. Either the writing style was off or the character's name is... not good. (Yes, this is a problem of mine).
Four stars: The book was good, and I liked it. I connected with the characters, but there was something wrong with the plotline that I didn't like, but the writing was still good (as were the characters) and I enjoyed it.

3.5 stars: The book was entertaining, and it either made me laugh, or I was entertained with a fun-in-the-sun, summer fling(ish) sorta read.


Three stars: The book was entertaining, but one of many. It wasn't awful, it wasn't even bad. But the book's writing was unremarkable, the characters were a bit disjointed and I just didn't connect with the story.

Two stars: I have to admit, that it is not very often that I rate a book two stars. Two stars usually means that it's not the book, just my interpretation of it. I didn't enjoy the execution, couldn't connect with the characters or the book at all... but it wasn't the book, just my interpretation of it.


One star: This book was atrocious... I can't imagine if anyone could enjoy this book... but I certainly didn't. This book was awful... enough said.

 Zero stars: I'm not sure WHY this book made it past the publishers (or the editors), why it was made into print, or why anybody would want to read it. Seriously, this was an absolute mess.

No ratings: Most likely, his book was a DNF; did not finish.

Now that you know how I rate a bit better... you can understand my ratings even more. Enjoy!


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