April 01, 2015

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Relentless by Karen Lynch 

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I have read Relentless by Karen Lynch already, but since the second book, Refuge just came out, I need a refresher. Last time a read this book, I gave it a four star rating.

About the Book

Our main character is Sara, and she lives alone in New Hasting, Oregon with her uncle, Nate. Thing is, Sara is not entirely human. She doesn't know what she is, and she doesn't care, but it's important to note. She's best friends with a troll named Remy, and they trade on the black market for supernatural items that could help save supernatural beings' lives. All Sara wants is to find out what happened the night her father was murdered by a vampire, and she'll stop at nothing to get it. But when she bumps into two (very attractive) vampire hunters, she finds that the supernatural world she thought she knew, harbors more secrets than even she can uncover.

It's a classically cliché trope, one so used it's ridiculous, but Lynch does a fantastic job of making it unique and original. I totally recommend, and I'll post a re-review when I finish!