April 17, 2015

Wildest Dreams Review

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Wildest Dreams by Kristen Ashley

Seoafin “Finnie” Wilde was taught by her parents that every breath was a treasure and to seek every adventure she could find. And she learns this lesson the hard way when they perish in a plane crash. But she never forgets and when she discovers there is a parallel universe where every person has a twin, she finds a witch who can send her there so she can have the adventure of a lifetime.

But upon arrival in the Winter Wonderland of Lunwyn, she realizes she’s been played by her twin and finds herself walking down the aisle to be wed to The Drakkar.

Thrown into inauspicious circumstances, with years of practice, Finnie bests the challenges and digs into her adventure. But as Frey Drakkar discovers the woman who is his new wife is not Princess Sjofn, a woman he dislikes but instead, his Finnie, a free-spirit with a thirst for venture just like him, without her knowledge he orders his new bride bound to his frozen world, everlasting.

But at the same time Frey plunges Finnie into a web of political intrigue that includes assassination plots, poison, magic, mystery and… dragons.


Ohmigod, this book was sooo good! I was immediately sucked into the parallel universe of twins, with Finnie the Ice Queen and Frey the Drakkar.

Here's how it goes.
Finnie is always looking for the next adventure and can't keep still for long. Her parents, of whom she loved dearly, were killed when she was young and when she learns of a parallel universe where there are twins of every person in this realm... she jumps at the chance to switch with the twin of the other realm to see her parents. While Finnie was completely honest about the reasoning behind her wanting the switch, the other one was not. As soon as Finnie lands in the other realm, she is whisked off to marry Frey Drakkar. Very scary. Very hot. Very powerful. Very terrifying. He's is the leader of the elves, and controller of the dragon, and the marriage is to be an alliance, in order to put the true heir on the throne. However, the twin was gay.... and Frey thinks that Finnie is gay when is, well, not.
Very quickly, he discovers that something is amiss, using words like "cool" "dick-headed" and "straight from the movies", especially when she is aghast at the existence of elves and dragons.

However, Frey very quickly falls for Finnie, and hard, and Finnie does the same. Soon, however, there is assassination attempts, dragons, sailing and a little friendly cheating.

Wildest Dreams was beyond my, well, Wildest Dreams. I was so impressed with the execution of this novel, the writing, the characters... everything was just so. Finnie and Frey were so fun to read individually, but together, oh man. I hope the worlds that Kristen Ashley spins with her pen (rather, keys) really do exist, just the way that she tells them... and men like that, too! Can I say, yummy?

Anyway, Wildest Dreams was amazing, and I fully expect to finish this series within a week... if I didn't have four library books due Monday ;)

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